Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another One Down

As of tonight, I will have finished my second book of 2008. It was a book I hadn't heard of, prior to getting it in a box from relevant leader. Glory Revealed by David Nasser, had a greater effect on me than almost any book I've ever read. The book is broken down into small 3-5 page chapters that you read one per day, or in my case, on a couple chapters, read one over and over for a week or so, and really chew on it. It's not the way I'm used to reading a book, but it was really effective for impacting me. He shares all kinds of ways that God, as the title says, reveals His glory. Some of which are obvious, but shared in a fresh way, and others that I never thought of before. If you look back at my post Coincidence, I think not, you'll see the thoughts I took from one chapter. I highly suggest this book, and I suggest reading it w/a partner.

My rating: A++++++++


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