Monday, November 12, 2007

John 5

Read: John 5

My Verse: I picked 4 today (does that make me a cheater?) John 5:8-11 -

8Then Jesus said to him, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk." 9At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked. The day on which this took place was a Sabbath, 10and so the Jews said to the man who had been healed, "It is the Sabbath; the law forbids you to carry your mat." 11But he replied, "The man who made me well said to me, 'Pick up your mat and walk.' "

My Reflections: Are you kidding. Who are you going to listen to? Jesus just healed this guy, and told him to get up and walk. I promise, I'd be doing more than just walking if I had just been healed after 38 years. Yet, some people are more concerned with the letter of the law, than the spirit. I don't want to be like those people.

My Prayer: Lord, thank you for healing and saving. Open my eyes to your wonders. Help me to see them as just that, and not to be legalistic. Help me to listen to you, no matter what the pharisees of today have to say about it. I want to to great things for you, I want to make a difference, I want to change the world for you, and I know that with that comes people who don't get it. Help me to be wise in dealing with them. Thank you for choosing and using me. AMEN

My Prayer:

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