Sunday, October 28, 2007

Web 2.0 discussion group & book study

The internet is such an amazing tool. A friend of mine, from Texas, and I have decided to get a group together to discuss various ministry aspects, share what's going on, and do some book studies together. The cool thing is that we are going to do the whole thing using the internet. We are going to start with a book study, using google docs to post thoughts and responses to different chapters/sections and to each other's thoughts. Eventually, we hope to be able to video conference, somewhat regularly, using oovoo. Several years ago, something like this wouldn't have been possible, and it blows me away, that I now have the opportunity to share with and learn from people from all over the country, who I never would have met without this tool.

If you're involved in ministry, and are interested in participating in a future discussion group or book study, respond here, or shoot me an e-mail. We don't have everything ironed out just yet, but we are looking forward to figuring things out.

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