Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How the Church Should Work

Adam shared a thought yesterday on how he believes the church should function. I think he says it really well, and I totally agree. I think we need to be developing strong relationships with others in the church, in order for both ourselves and the church to maintain healthy growth. We need to be doing life together with authentic relationships. We also need to be looking develop new relationships with those who may visit the church, and even others who have nothing to do with the church. The relationships are often what gets people connected to a church, and it's also what keeps us connected.

Can you think of someone who may have visited your church recently who isn't connected?
Are you connected?

Take the initiative, and build some new relationships.

BTW, he really does say it better than me (I try to fit to many thoughts into one post), you should check it out. He says what I meant.

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