Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why Were You Made?

We're going through a series "Master Plan". It has been a great series, so far, and we have been discovering how we all fit together, with different gifts. There are many parts to one body. So, I've had those things rolling around in my mind lately, when I was reminded of this video, thanks to Scott Harris.

Listen to what Paul says right before his performance. This is what he was born for. When you know his story, it makes it all the more beautiful. This is a man that has been knocked down so many times, that is almost sounds impossible. Yet, he got up one more time, to take a shot at his dream, and it finally paid off. You really need to read his story here, before you watch the video. I've probably watched it five times today, and teared up every time.

It's time for you to use your gift. If you don't know what it is, go find it. Take a chance, step out and do what you are made to do. The Church needs you to use your gifts. We are all a part of the body, and it's not complete without your gift. Whether it is teaching, helping, hosting, music, art, computers, whatever, we all have a part, use yours. BTW, this is a man who was on the brink of poverty, and look where he is at now that he started using his gift. You may think that your gift doesn't fit with the church, but God gave you the gift, so I promise he has a way for you to use it.

There is no better feeling, than discovering exactly why God made you.

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