Saturday, September 29, 2007

Husker Game Today

Had a great time at the Husker game today. While it was quite frustrating at times, I'm happy we came out with a win. I got to sit and watch the game with a great friend of mine, who lives in Omaha, that I hardly ever get to see anymore. We just bought our tickets right there for just over face value, to sit in the 5th row, on the 20 yard line. Probably the best seats I've ever gotten. It was also cool, because a big group of us from Northridge drove up together, and got to eat together after the game. It was just a great day with friends all around.

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lachrymal lucy said...

My dad always tries talking me in to going to a game with him.
I always say no, that would be way too embarassing, considering the way he is just watching it on tv o.O lol.