Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Already Obsolete

Right now, I have 29 brand new iMacs sitting in my classroom at school, 23 of them not even out of the boxes yet. Last week it seemed really cool, and the classroom was top of the line technology. Then today, I went to apple.com, and found this. Now, I want one of those. It's funny how one little piece of knowledge can change your perspective. Ahh, the troubles w/being a mac-a-holic.

This wasn't supposed to be a ministry type of post, but it just made me think. What if someone that you come in contact w/ tomorrow thinks that what they have, spiritually, is best. Only problem being that they lack one little piece of knowledge. They don't know Jesus Christ as their savior. Just imagine what that little piece of knowledge could do for that person. And, you could be the one to share it with them.

I'm sorry if this made no sense to some of you, but in my brain, it is a brilliant analogy.

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