Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I love football

As a teacher, this time of year gets a little depressing, thinking about getting back into the swing of things. For the last 2+ months, I've been able to pretty much schedule my days however I felt (even though this has been my busiest summer I ever remember).

The one thing that makes it alright though, is that football is right around the bend. We started this week with some conditioning, lifting, and walking through some football basics. I kind of dread coaching season, b/c once school starts, I end up working 12 hour days for the first 8 weeks of school. You know what though, every year, once I get into it, this is one of my favorite times. I can already tell it's gonna be that way again this year. I just love getting to connect with our guys, and watch them grow.

Even more exciting, is that my Huskers open up practice next week. Woohoo. We're not the skers we were in the 90's, but I believe we're on our way back up. College football in general is my favorite sports league by far. Anybody else out there this big of a fan or college football?

Last but not least, is Fantasy Football. Last year I ended up 3rd in one league, and second to last in the other (both of my running backs got injured early in the season). If anybody reading this is a part of a league and you're looking for another guy, shoot me an email.

I just thought I would share that. Now you know a little more about me.

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