Sunday, June 10, 2007


Our Pastor introduced this idea for new bracelet to go along with WWJD today. It stands for When I Am Acting Like A Jerk Tell Me. He introduced it in a message where he was discussing a
part of 1 Corinthians where a man within the church was living in obvious sin, but no one would confront him. There is a lot more to the message that you can check out here later this week.

I just had a thought though. Wouldn't it have been cool if we actually had the wristbands made to hand out to people during the service. What are some cool things you have done or plan on doing to help a message stick with people?

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Jason Curlee said...

I destroyed a concrete decorative piece once talking about how we mark up our lives and then ask God to fix them. Also put out a beautiful vase to say this is the life we should be making instead.

Another thing was play the sounds of hammer and nail after playing a video of The Passion set to Love Song by Third Day. Asked the question, Do you still hear the nails?