Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer of Small Groups

Tonight, we are beginning the Real Youth Ministries, Summer of Small Groups. We are splitting up guys and girls for the months of June and July (which only turns out to be five weeks of youth group), not to talk about guy and girl things specifically, but because that was the easiest way to split for home groups. The main purpose of this five weeks is to build relationships, so that in the fall, we have a strong core group of kids, who believe in each other, and trust each other enough to bring their unchurched friends to meet them. We will be using some material from for a time of discipleship, and I highly recommend you check them out. This is a great resource for small group materials, and it is all free. Pray for our group, as we spend the next couple months building our relationships with each other, so we can hit the school year in attack mode, to reach our community.

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