Friday, June 29, 2007

Buzz Session #3 - Craig Groeschel

limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation

(Check out Acts 3. There was a crippled man there begging. Peter says he doesn't have any money limited resources. Peter wanted to help him increasing passion. Peter tells him in the name of Jesus to get up and walk exponential innovation. If he had some money, he probably would have just given him some.)

Limited resources can stretch you

Much of this session was taken from the first message in LCTV's Disciple series, which I've seen about a dozen times, I love the message, and our church has used it in multiple contexts.

4 qualities of leaders

#1 Heal the Sick

-We're not here for the righteous, but the sick. - See Matthew 9:12
-In order to reach those that no one else is reaching, we need to be doing what no one else is
-We need to get people to Jesus however we can, even if it seems unorthodox. Find a way to
get through all the religious people to get to the one that needs Jesus. Look at Mark 2, the
guys lowered their friend through the roof when the normal way was blocked.
-Lead our church to love people, not just the laws.
#2 Break Rules
-try listening, not just preaching at
-Every great move of God was the result of someone breaking man's rules (Ex. Martin
-Care more about reaching people than keeping all of man's stupid rules.
-Don't let what someone else says keep you from doing what God is calling you to do.
#3 Offend Pharisees
-Handle criticism gracefully
-Criticism will come if you're doing things to reach people
-What new thing is calling me to create that will be hated today, but embraced tomorrow
#4 Redefine Success
-John 3:30
-Stop trying so hard to build attendance, but to build the Church
-Success isn't what we get, but what we give

There was so much more, but that is all the faster I could write. Pretty much everything Craig said was noteworthy, but those were my highlights.

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