Friday, June 29, 2007

Buzz Day 2, Session #1 Craig Groeschel

This post, as Perry would say, kicked me in the throat

I've become complacent. This is where the Disturb Me prayer came from.

A New Confession - I'm a Practical Atheist.
Believe God exists, but don't practice ministry/live like it

Is the way that I'm doing the work of God destroying the work of God in me?

3 wrong beliefs of practical atheists (all things we would never actually admit)

#1 -
We believe that our effort is better than God's power

- If I blame myself for the decline, I will very likely, one day, take credit for the gain

#2 - Our private life doesn't affect our public ministries

- One point of impurity can take you out
- This makes us inauthentic
- Sometimes we do it in His name, but not in His power

#3 - Pleasing people is more important than pleasing God

- Not necessarily a conscious choice we make, but we just drifting over time, w/o even

Helps for recovery from practical atheism
-step into spiritual disciplines such as fasting
-step into the realm of God - put your trust in Him. Take a step of faith and do something that
will take God's intervention
-step into authentic confession
-confess to God for forgiveness, and to His people for healing
-step into intentional accountability - in you finances, marriage, time w/God, etc.
-step into the boldness of preaching God's word

I think we're all, at the very best, recovering practical atheists. Just like a recovering alcoholic, we could slip back into it very easily.

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