Sunday, May 27, 2007

Brett Byford Husker/Preacher

Wow, what a great morning. Usually, Memorial Day is one of our church's lowest attended Sundays of the year. While attendance wasn't great, we did something really cool. We had the opportunity to have Brett Byford, Nebraska's starting center come speak. He did an amazing job, and let me tell you, this guy is on fire for God, and he is using the tools God gave him to spread His word. Brett came in early and took pictures with anybody that wanted them, and we printed them during the service for him to sign afterward. I really got to make a good connection with him, and he is interested in coming out to our camps, speaking at our youth group, and speaking with our youth group. This may not mean much to those of you outside of Nebraska, but here Husker football is as big as it gets, so having a starting Husker in our corner is huge for impacting kids, and bringing people in.

You can hear his message here.

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