Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Relevant Church

I'm in the middle of reading The Relevant Church right now. It is filled with articles from 15 different church leaders from around the country. Now, these aren't necessarily mega-churches, they are churches that are doing what it takes to reach their communities. They are willing to think outside the box, they are willing to stand by their beliefs and still find different ways to reach people. Here's the cool thing. Usually when I read about churches that are growing and reaching people, I get all excited, thinking about how we can use what they are using. This book has been kind of liberating to me. It shows me that we don't have to do things like everybody else. We can do what we do, and get creative w/in our own community. It feels good to look at all these different ideas of what church looks like, and know that different things work in different situations. We just have to get creative, and find what works in our community. To me this book gives a call to do what it takes to reach my community. Get creative, take chances, stand by our beliefs. If we do that, we can make a difference. There is no template that works for everybody, we need to find what works for us.

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