Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Little Bummed

A while back, I posted my excitement about getting Final Cut Studio. Well, the new version came out the weekend I was going to buy it. By the way, this new version that I am going to get looks awesome. However, with the new version coming out, I took some time to check it out before actually making the purchase. Well, I went to buy it yesterday, and the educational version is unavailable at this time. The plan was for me to be practicing with it up until camps in June, so I would have a handle on it. Now, I looks like I'll be learning on the fly, if I even have it by then. Not that I haven't had to do it before (a few years ago, I had to learn Adobe Premiere in an afternoon for camps), but it doesn't really sound like fun. Anyway, I was hoping to have a fun new toy to play with in the coming weeks. Looks like I'll have to wait.

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