Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Speaking of being thankful

I serve with an awesome team. Tonight was an amazing night at Real Youth, and all I did was participate. We did what we call Real Youth Reach, which is a missions and worship focus night. The theme is "Reaching up to God, and out to those who don't know Him". Our awesome worship leaders Jeff and Hannah, along with some of our youth, led us in some really indescribable worship. Then Mary was able to share an amazing word from God. At the end, took a moment to write down the worries we had all been struggling with, and threw them all away. We chose to lay them down at God's feet, because he will provide for us. Through this whole night, you know what I did? I took the pieces of paper and threw them in the dumpster. Sometimes, I get to feeling like God needs me. It is wonderful to know that God has put me with such a great group of leaders. Tonight was powerful, both for the kids and our leaders. I believe eyes were opened tonight, and hearts were changed. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping after this, I'm on quite a high. Do you guys have those nights where it just feels different? After those, how do you try to maintain?

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Miss Luciee said...

I knew exactly what I needed to write down. but for some reason I couldn't think of what to write.

Can you pray for me?