Saturday, March 31, 2007


I just finished the book Revolution by George Barna. Excellent book, that really caused me to think about the way we go about doing things. It is true, if we want to reach the world for Christ, we are going to have to look at doing it some different ways than they had been done in the past. Here are a few vital thoughts from the book, on what it means to be a Revolutionary.

-I am not called to attend or join a church. I am called to be the Church.
There is no greater calling than to know and serve God.
-(my personal favorite) God does not need me to fight His fight, but He invites me to allow Him to fight through me. It is my privilege to serve Him in that manner. I anticipate and will gladly endure various hardships as I serve God; for this is the price of participation in winning the spiritual war.

And all of that is just from two pages. If you get a chance, check it out. If you've already read it, what are some of your favorite thoughts?

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