Saturday, March 31, 2007


I took some of our kids to see The Afters in concert tonight. I really love these guys' music, but I think I'm getting old. I chose for most of the time to enjoy it from just outside the doors. Mainstay and Our Hearts Hero opened for them, and I have to say that I liked Mainstay the best of all three. Not being a music connosieur, I can't really explain their sound, but you should check them out. One thing that was really evident, was the heart of these guys. They took the time very frequently to share their faith. It is something that I really like, to see these bands take that time to actually minister to our kids. It means something special to these kids to see a band that they hear on MTV be proud Christians. Thanks Guys. I need to sleep now, I guess I really am getting old.


Jason Curlee said...'s over...official...your an old guy...GLAD YOU JOINED THE CLUB...

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Miss Luciee said...

those are good bands.