Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Beat

I had a great thought this afternoon for a post, but I'm beat, so I'll save it for another day. I spent my evening preparing something for Sunday that I am really excited about. Of course, I'm always excited when we can incorporate more (well done) technology in our services. We have been doing more and better things on a steady pace, but this is actually going to be integrated into the message. It is nothing groundbreaking, but I was able to do this w/excellence, so I am excited to see the reaction to it. The majority of the people will have no idea how much went into it, but that isn't why we do this, is it. If it helps the message resound with one more person, I'll be happy. Just in case those of you out there in blog world didn't know, I'm hooked on technology, so I really am always just waiting and looking for opportunities like this to use my "addiction" for something productive. Good Night.

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