Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keywords that lead here

Josh does this all the time. His blog is a little bigger than mine, so more stuff leads there, but I thought I'd share the google searches that have lead to my blog this month. It's kind of interesting.
•leadership philosophy
•youth thoughts
•afraid of trying something new
•church summerfest photos
•do not follow instead make your own path
•free graphics of churches
•go not where the path may lead
•go where there is no path and blaze your own trail.
•groeschel exponential innovation
•john kitna + concussion
•john kitna wife
•never be afraid to try something new
•real youth ministry blog grand island (here is someone who was actually looking for my blog)
something new to try on my man? (don't know where that came from. Wonder if I helped?)
•tyler madison of grand island (somebody else looking for me)
•vizio gv42lf

I thought there were a few interesting ones in there to share.

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