Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Character Building

Last night was our last football game, and let me tell you, it was a great one. We lost in double overtime (and for the record, we should have won the game in the first overtime). Finally, now that the season is over, they learned how to play as a team. They finally decided to man up, and play for each other, instead of for themselves. I could say that I was proud to be their coach. They played by far their best game of the season, and ended up losing on what could have been the worst call I've ever seen. That moment was a turning point. They just had the winning two point conversion taken away from them, and they could have quit then. Instead, they went out and played their hearts out in the second overtime, and came up just a tiny bit short. I'm proud of those boys for laying it all on the line, and continuing, even when the calls didn't go their way. I'm not so sure that a few weeks ago they wouldn't have just quit. That is what sports do for a kid. Yeah, I love to win, but more importantly, I love that I get to be a part of helping young men develop character that is so important in life. In life, there are often times when things don't go your way, or even the right way, but you have to choose if you are going to let circumstances defeat you, or if your going give it everything you have no matter what.

Sorry if my rambling didn't make sense, I'm just so proud of the character my guys showed last night that I wanted to share.

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