Friday, July 13, 2007

Frustrated with Motorola and Alltel

About 9 months ago, when I signed up for my new contract with Alltel, I got the e815. It originally seemed like a pretty sweet phone. It seemed like the best available, since I wasn't sure I would actually use a smartphone (BTW, if any of you have a treo, blackberry, or Q you're looking to get rid of, I'll take it). Anyway, after about 3 months, the charging started working intermittently, and then right before we left for vacation (3 weeks ago), the charger just stopped working. So, I went 8 days w/o a phone on vacation, then when I got back, we swapped batteries and chargers, and that got the phone working somewhat while I waited for a replacement phone. Well, I got my new phone set up yesterday, and guess what. Again this one won't charge. So, I sent it back, and I'm waiting to see what will happen. So, I've gone 3 weeks w/o a reliable phone, and I still have to pay Alltel, even though I haven't been able to count on being able to use my phone. Now, I know it's not necessarily their fault, but it seems to me that from a customer satisfaction standpoint, it would be better to eat that amount. I mean they did sell me the phone, and I do pay for the phone insurance, and they couldn't fix the problem. As soon as another viable option comes to this area, I will definitely be looking into leaving Alltel, unless something changes w/their customer service.

Anyway, I just needed to vent a little of my frustration. By the way, I've probably wasted at least 3 hours of my time sitting at Alltel trying to get this stuff fixed.

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Miss Luciee said...

The same exact thing happened to Tyler's mom. She got the smart phone about three weeks ago, and the battery only stays charged for 4 hours at the most.
And now, the same thing, her charger doesn't work.

Contracts suck! haha