Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Power of Good Service

Just a quick thought from dinner last night. My wife and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for our anniversary, and had a waiter that was unbelievable. This kid may have been the most polite person that I've ever met. You could tell he was new to the job, and really nervous, but he did great. Our drinks were never empty, but he wasn't overbearing, watching us. Then came time to get our orders in. My wife's came to us perfect, but I got the wrong thing. Instead of taking it back and throwing it away, so I could just sit there and watch Kim eat, he went and checked with his manager, and they left me the incorrect order, and asked if I would like to try it while I waited for my order to be corrected. I really appreciated the thought. It wasn't 3 minutes later and they had my real order in. The waiter apologized, and admitted his mistake (this is something that I really hate to do, myself). Even with the mistake, I left a bigger tip than I've left in a long time, just because the kid was so sincere and hard working.

The sad thing is we left with all of these extra leftovers, since I had to orders, and I forgot them on the roof of the van for about 4 hours in the 90 degree heat. I ruined all of our nice leftovers.


Miss Luciee said...

hahaha. The end of that makes the perfect touch for such a serious blog. =p

andy said...

Happy anniversary!