Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Am Not

I'm in the middle of reading the book i am not but i know I AM by Louie Giglio. It's a great book, and a pretty quick read. I just wanted to share a quick thought from the book so far.

I tend to get really wrapped up in my life. Sometimes it's good for me to come back and realize that I am really really small . It is really a relief. I am not, but HE knows my name, I am not, but HE has pursued me in love, I am not, but I have been purchased and redeemed, I am not, but I have been invited into THE story, I am not, but I know the creator of the universe, I am not, but I know I AM. God, who created everything, who is the ruler of everything, chose me and chose to love me. I don't know about you, but I think that's a better deal than being buddy buddy with the president.

I don't need to be so wrapped up in my life, because this isn't my story. In fact, it's so much better, the God described above, has chosen me and you to be a part of HIS story. How much better can it get.

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