Friday, June 29, 2007

Buzz Day 2 - Closing Session - Mark Batterson

Part 2 of the session started on Thursday
Spy rules 5-10

#5 - Assume you are under surveillance
-When we are open about our imperfections and failures, we can be relieved of the pressures
-The greatest freedom is not having to prove yourself
-"Jesus wept" - If the son of God could cry in public, we should be able to as well
-Quit trying to be a pastor, and be yourself

#6 - Blend into the crowd
-Fit in w/the people you're trying to reach
-My thought - Don't be Bullhorn Guy - from Rob Bell's Nooma
-In the Bible, people met at the well. Coffeehouses are modern day wells (at least in DC)
-Ebenezer's Coffeehouse is infiltrating the culture. It's a real deal coffeehouse

#7 - Avoid defensiveness at all cost
-We are called to be on offense
-Be more about what we're for, than what we're against
-"who are you going to offend?"
-"Don't let criticism penetrate your heart, unless it has first passed through the filter of
scripture" - McManus
*Start every meeting by sharing wins. This sets the tone, even when tough things need to be
dealt with.

#8 - Be aware of your environment at all times
-Leaders notice things that others don't see
-We need to find that 1% of tangibles that will affect 99% of the people
-It's those little unnoticed things that make the difference between good churches and great
-Little things that feel like they shouldn't make a difference DO (lighting, volume, etc.)
-There are studies that show people notice 1st shapes, 2nd color, and 3rd content
-If we want people to get our content, maybe we need to focus some energy on the shape
and color.

#9 - Never go against your gut
-Have guts
-Do what you need to do, and say what you need to say
-Stand up for what you believe, even when it's hard
-Have the tough conversations
-The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be, may be the difficult
decision you're unwilling to make - Groeschel

#10 - Don't look back
-Keep moving into the future
-Do not live off of yesterday's anointing, find a new one each day.

This concludes my notes from Buzz. I haven't even talked about the film festival or the bloggers breakfast yet. I'll hit those tomorrow as I continue to digest things and share some of my take-aways.

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