Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Virb Friends

I don't totally have this VIRB thing figured out yet. I never got into the MySpace or Facebook rage, but I'm digging what I've discovered so far with VIRB. I've connected with a bunch of really cool people, who I never would have met in my pre-VIRB world. Last night I came across Tara Leigh Cobble, who is actually the first and only (hopefully not forever) female author I've read, plus she's a great musician. We even exchanged a few messages. She thinks Hannah is cute (I believe you all should think that. Lee McDerment, who is a worship pastor at NewSpring, is now one of my friends, and I love his music. I'm really interested in anything coming out of NewSpring, so that's really cool. Scott Hodge also accepted my offer of friendship. He's the pastor at a church called the Orchard in Aurora, ILL. More importantly to me, he's one of the bloggers who I follow regularly.

Those are just a few, and I can always count on my good buddy Jason to be my friend.

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