Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Blue's Clues church

If you don't know what I mean by a Blue's Clues church, read my last post. This weekend, I was in Omaha visiting my sister, and we attended a church that is doing church the way I believe it should be done (but what do I really know), Grace Community Church. I had really never been to a church that does it like they do, but they are meeting the needs of their community. They were starting a series called conversations about talking to others about God and spiritual matters. As visitors, we were made to feel welcome, and my sister even got an invite to one of their fellowship groups before the service even started (I like to think we would have gotten invited too, if we didn't live in Grand Island. Abbey, you're not that much cooler than us). You could have your coffee in their sanctuary (oooooooh). Everything was very relationship focused, and very non-confrontational. The atmosphere really caused people to let their guard down, and really open up. The crowd leaned heavily to the young adult, which is quite a departure from most churches I am used to. I think that is in direct relationship to the way they do it. Here is the cool thing. The message was very clear (like we would hope to have from a Christian church), but the method was very different than I am used to. I like it.

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